Every Learner with a Dream and a Plan

The National Center for College and Career Transitions, or NC3T, has a twofold mission: “Every Learner with a Dream and a Plan, and Every Community with a Capable, Ready Workforce.” The organization works to connect schools, postsecondary institutions, and employers in order to introduce students to the array of options available to them and to help them prepare for the types of opportunities for which they are best suited.

NC3T provides planning, coaching, technical assistance and tools to help community-based leadership teams plan and implement their college-career pathway systems, as well as a range of tools and other services to help schools and colleges provide every student with an opportunity to participate in Career Connected Learning.

NC3T provides planning, coaching, technical assistance and tools to help community-based leadership teams plan and implement their college-career pathway systems.

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Career Connected Learning Planning & Consulting

Through its consulting and coaching services, NC3T helps school districts, communities, regions, and states design and build high quality Pathway Programs and Comprehensive Pathway Systems. We can help you develop your vision, build needed community relationships, and implement your plans.

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Workshops & Keynotes

NC3T expert speakers and professional development consultants are available to keynote events or lead workshops on several topics related to pathways and partnerships.

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Seamless Work Based Learning

Seamless WBL is a web-based program that helps you find partners, create and manage your work-based learning activities, run your advisory board, and report on all activities by educator, school, or partner.

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Latest Posts from CCL In.Sight., the NC3T Blog

Our blog is meant to support local education, business and community leaders in their work by exploring what’s happening in communities and schools across the United States related to Career Connected Learning.

  • Creating Infrastructure for Partnerships
    by Brett Pawlowski December 11, 2018

    Two weeks ago, I served as moderator for ACTE’s Workforce Development Through CTE Summit, a meeting of trade association leaders during the ACTE VISION conference. Congratulations to ACTE for having the vision to pull this together. There hasn’t been an organized industry voice in […] Read More →

  • Attracting New Students to CTE and Pathways Programs
    by Brett Pawlowski December 4, 2018

    I think that I speak for all my NC3T colleagues when I say that I’m still catching my breath after last week’s ACTE VISION conference – it was a wonderful experience (as always), and we stayed very busy with our booth in the expo, participation in pre-meetings and […] Read More →

  • Does a College Degree Lead to a Good-Paying Job?
    by Hans Meeder November 30, 2018

    In most of my discussions and workshops about career-connected learning and pathways, at some point we land on the concern that Americans have a “four-year-college-for-all” belief that is supported by policies and pop-culture.  Somewhere along the line, most of us […] Read More →

  • Creating Your Career and Life Ready Graduate Profile
    by Hans Meeder November 20, 2018

    The big mindset shift in Career Connected Learning starts with clarifying the actual goal of education.  Contrary to typical practice, the purpose of education is not to fill a student with knowledge and some skills; rather, the purpose of education is to equip individuals with what they will […] Read More →

  • Career and Life Readiness
    by Brett Pawlowski November 15, 2018

    We talk a lot about career and life readiness here at NC3T. Given the desperate need from industry for capable workers, a lot of time we, and our local/state/national partners hone in immediately on the career part of that phrase. Personally, however, I’m actually a lot more concerned about […] Read More →

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