Webcast: EcO Part I, Attainment Network

This is part of our ongoing Engage.Connect Webcast Series where we highlight innovative programs or techniques in education.

Title: EcO Part I, Attainment Network


In this edition of Engage. Connect., Stephanie Weber and Kathy Huffman of EcO Network joins NC3T president, Hans Meeder to discuss the many ways their organization has helped create a regional system of life-long learning connecting the residents of ten counties within rural Southeast Indiana to better economic opportunities through education.

In part I, Kathy Huffman, EcO Network Manager, Attainment presents an overview of how the Attainment Network of EcO supports efforts to ‘significantly increase the high school graduation rate, postsecondary attainment rate, and the percentage of adults possessing a high school diploma and ensures alignment of successful students with career opportunities in the key economic industries.’ The EcO Attainment Network was launched through the Lumina Community Partnership for Attainment.

Promising Profile: The EcO Network of Southeast Indiana