Pathways System Design

Across the nation, NC3T is guiding the development of effective and innovative career pathways designed to increase student achievement and address workforce trends.

NC3T has organized and is currently leading statewide career pathway initiatives in Indiana and Pennsylvania through its Pathways Innovation Network, or PIN. By bringing together leaders from forward-thinking school districts, career and technical centers, postsecondary institutions, employer-led organizations, and workforce and economic development providers, the efforts of PIN members are accelerated and lead to sustainable pathway systems that are implemented with fidelity.

In addition to leading statewide networks, NC3T works with individual school districts, colleges, and community organizations to explore and design customized career pathways that carefully align to learners’ interest and local workforce trends.

Clients find the NC3T Pathways System Framework™  highly useful as a way to understand and organize their efforts and to communicate their goals and progress to other stakeholders. Read more about this research-backed framework.



NC3T puts your career pathway vision into action 

With an extensive and varied list of clients, NC3T has its finger on the pulse of today’s innovative career pathways; our site coaches are highly experienced practitioners with a firm understanding of the latest research. NC3T skillfully provides clients with

  • technical assistance starting at the visioning stage and continuing through implementation.
  • coalition-building to bring multiple stakeholder groups to the table and develop mutually beneficial components within the pathway system.
  • onsite and virtual coaching to address clients’ unique needs and challenges in an efficient and timely manner.
  • proven resources and tools that ensure all components of a pathway system are addressed.
  • customized professional development and keynote speaking so that all stakeholders receive a consistent message and continue learning.
  • meeting facilitation to safeguard from unproductive sessions.

Contact NC3T to discuss the ways in which our team will support your career pathway initiative efforts. Together, we will see that every learner has a dream and a plan, and every community has a capable, ready workforce.

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